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John Boyd has more than 25 years of architecture and interior design experience, most recently serving as the Long Cove community’s in-house project architect.

John’s specialty is designing family estates, ranches, and residences—his clients have included some of Dallas’ most affluent families and his work has been published in the press—but John Boyd & Associates also serves hotels, restaurants, and commercial offices.

Prior to founding John Boyd & Associates, John served as the in-house architect for Wyndham Hotels and Resorts. Previously, he worked for other notable, high-end interior designers and architects.

John’s portfolio includes projects ranging from luxury residences in Dallas, Aspen, Doonbeg (Ireland), Le Marche (Itlay), and Carmel (Mexico) to private estates and ranches in East Texas.


John Boyd & Associates
3899 Maple Avenue, Suite 300
Old Parkland Campus, Commonwealth Hall
Dallas, Texas 75219